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Phoenix Crave

Introducing our new brand of high quality CBG Hemp Cigarettes. Enjoy the rich, smooth taste of our organically grown CBG Hemp Flower. Coming Soon to our online store!


CBG (canabigerol) 是所有其他大麻素的前体。它是一种非精神活性化合物,在大麻植物中发现的痕量数量。


La Creme

A sativa dominant hybrid that yields an 17% CBG concentration with less than 0.20% THC. Its rich profile embodies both cherry and fruit notes. The flowers release a beautiful fresh floral scent that is both pleasant and energizing. Visit our official Hemp Project Website for more information on strains, pricing, and ordering.

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Green & Beyond

Maple Leaf Green World Inc. is a public CBG Hemp producer. We recognize that this industry...